Seminar Schedule Fall 2020


Fri - Fri, Sep 18 to Dec 11, 10:00am - 10:00am


Zoom conference

Fall 2020

The EconCS Group holds an Economics and Computer Science research seminar each semester.

Fall 2020 meetings are held at 10-11:30am on Fridays.  Seminar Coordinators for Fall '20 are Mark York and Anson Kang


September 18          

Anson Kang



District-Fair Participatory Budgeting


September 25

Chara Podimata


Learning Strategy-Aware Linear Classifiers

October 2

1. Zhe Feng, 2. Daniel Halpern


1. The Intrinsic Robustness of Stochastic Bandits to Strategic Manipulation

2. Resolving the Optimal Metric Distortion Conjecture

October 16 1. Elizabeth Bondi 2. Kai Wang  

1. Micronutrient Deficiency Prediction for Optimizing Interventions 2.  Automatically Learning Compact Quality-aware Surrogates for Optimization Problems

October 23

1. Shuran Zheng, 2. Sanket Shah


1. Truthful Data Acquisition via Peer Prediction

2. Joint Pricing and Matching for City-Scale Ride-Pooling

October 30   1. Matthias Gerstgrasser, 2. Mark York  

   1. Reverse Auctions are Different from Auctions (…and much stranger)

2. Scoring Rules for Creditworthiness Information Elicitation
November 6  1. Gianluca Brero, 2. Tao Lin   1. Reinforcement Learning of Simple Indirect Mechanisms 2. A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Empirical Revenue Maximization Algorithm with Endogenous Sampling
November 20 1. Fang-Yi Yu, 2. Arpita Biswas   1. Learning and Strongly Truthful Multi-Task Peer Prediction: A Variational Approach 2. Fair Allocation of Structured Set Systems
December 11 1. Tomer Ezra, 2. Juba Ziani    1. Prophet and secretary matching under vertex arrival 2.     Pipeline Interventions                                     
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