Seminar Schedule Fall 2013

The EconCS Group holds an Economics and Computer Science research seminar each semester.

Fall 2013 meetings are held at 2:30 to 4:00pm Fridays in Maxwell Dworkin 123.

Date Speaker(s) Topic

September 13 Liu Yang Online Allocation and Pricing with Economies of Scale
September 20 Greg Stoddard Badge Design and Social Status                                     
September 27 Vailis Syrgkanis Efficiency and Composability of Simple Mechanisms
October 4 Michael Brautbar The Power of Local Information in Social Networks
October 11 Peter Key The Games People Play:  Learning, equilibria and mechanism design in large systems
October 18 Inbal Talgam Cohen Interdependent Values and Robustness in Optimal and Near-Optimal Mechanism Design
October 25 Thibaut Horel

Budget Feasible Mechanism for Experimental Design

October 28
*NW B166*
Hossein Azari Generalized Method-of-Moments for Rank Aggregation
*please note special place*
November 4
*Pierce 100F*
Reshef Meir General-sum Bidding Games
*please note special time and place*
November 15 Andrew Mao (1st)

 Chien-Ju Ho (2nd)
Capturing Cognitive Aspects of Human Judgement (1st)

Adaptive Contract Design for Crowdsourcing (2nd)
November 22 Mark Braverman
Optimal Provision-After-Wait in Healthcare
December 6 Alice Gao (1st)

Panos Toulis
The Wisdom of Crowds Experiment

Is mechanism M0 better than mechanism M1?

Contact Information

Yiling Chen
Maxwell Dworkin 233
(617) 495-3298

David C. Parkes
Maxwell Dworkin 229
(617) 384-8130

Ariel Procaccia

Yaron Singer
Maxwell Dworkin 239
(617) 496-9271

Milind Tambe
Maxwell Dworkin 125
(617) 998-2423