Seminar Schedule Fall 2012

The EconCS Group holds Economics and Computer Science research seminars each semester.

Spring 2012 meetings are held at 1:00pm until 2:30pm on Thursdays in MD 319.

Date Speaker(s)
September 13 Hossein Azari Soufiani Random Utility for Social Choice:  Theory and Algorithm
September 20  Tanmoy Chakraborty  Profit-Maximizing Market Makers with Bounded Risk
September 27 John Lai Mechanisms and Impossibilities for Truthful, Envy-free Allocations (joint work with Michal Feldman)
October 6 Lirong Xia Machine Learning May Help (Computational) Social Choice:  A Tale of Two Goals
October 11 Alice Gao (1st)

Bo Waggoner (2nd)
Incentives and Strategic Behaviors in prediction market (1st)

Designing Markets for Daily Deals (2nd)
October 18
*NW B150*
Silvio Micali Knightian Auctions
*please note special time and place*
October 25 Chien-Ju Ho Online Task Assignment Using Primal-Dual Techniques
November 1 Gabriel Carroll Robust Incentive Contracting
November 5
*NW B108
Sigal Oren Mechanisms for (Mis)allocating Scientific Credit
*please note special time and place*
November 15 Mike Ruberry (1st)

Ming Yin (2nd)
Prediction Markets for Measurable Spaces (1st)

Financial Incentives and Worker's Behaviors in Crowdsourcing Markets:  An Empirical Study
November 29 Rafael Frongillo General Truthfulness Characterizations via Convex Analysis
December 6 Andrew Mao Incentives and Engagement in Online Crowdsourcing
December 13 Nima Haghpanah Optimal Mechanism Design for Multi-Dimensional Agents

Contact Information

Yiling Chen
Maxwell Dworkin 233
(617) 495-3298

David C. Parkes
Maxwell Dworkin 229
(617) 384-8130

Ariel Procaccia

Yaron Singer
Maxwell Dworkin 239
(617) 496-9271

Milind Tambe
Maxwell Dworkin 125
(617) 998-2423