Seminar Schedule Fall 2015

Fall 2015

The EconCS Group holds an Economics and Computer Science research seminar each semester.

Spring 2015 meetings are held at 1:45 to 3:30pm Fridays in Maxwell Dworkin 123.
Seminar Coordinator for '15-'16 is Mr. Jean Pouget-Abadie,

September 4Moshe TennenholtzSequential Commitment Games

September 18

Charalampos (Babis)

Large Scale Graph Mining


October 2Arpit AgarwalConnections between Calibrated Surrogates in Supervised Learning and Property Elicitation in Probability Forecasting
October 9Edmond AwadCollective Judgement in Contested Domains: The Case of Conflicting Arguments
October 15Andrew MaoLong-Run Behavior in Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma
October 19Luis OrtizOn Networks and Behavior:  Strategic Inference and Machine Learning
October 23Iyad Rahwan
Making Social Networks Work


October 30 Valentin Robu

Efficient Electricity Group Buying using Prediction-of-Use Tariffs

November 6 Ming Yin

The Communication Network Within the Crowd

November 13 Patrick Loiseau

Classification from strategic data: a game-theoretic perspective

November 20Greg Stoddard (Speaker #1)

Eric Balkanski (Speaker #2)

I spent a month building an experiment and all I got were these dumb results (Talk #1)

The Limitations of Optimization from Samples (Talk #2)
December 4Arpit AgarwalConnections between Calibrated Surrogates in Supervised Learning and Property Elicitation in Probability Forecasting

Contact Information

Yiling Chen
Maxwell Dworkin 233
(617) 495-3298

David C. Parkes
Maxwell Dworkin 229
(617) 384-8130

Ariel Procaccia

Yaron Singer
Maxwell Dworkin 239
(617) 496-9271

Milind Tambe
Maxwell Dworkin 125
(617) 998-2423