Seminar Schedule Fall 2018


Fri - Tue, Sep 14 to Nov 13, 2:30pm - 2:30pm


Pierce Hall 213

Fall 2018

The EconCS Group holds an Economics and Computer Science research seminar each semester.

Fall 2018 meetings are held at 2:30 to 4pm Fridays in Pierce Hall 213.
Seminar Coordinators for Fall '18 are Sophie
Hilgard, & Juntao Wang,


September 14

Fei Fang


Integrating Learning with Game Theory for Societal Challenges


September 21

Rupert Freeman


An Equivalence Between Wagering & Fair-Division Mechanisms

September 28 Shreyas Sekar  

Learning to Rank an Assortment of Products

October 12

Moshe Babaioff

  Optimal Deterministic Mechanisms for an Additive Buyer
October 19 Munther Dahleh   A Marketplace for Data:  An Algorithmic Solution
October 26

Eoin O'Mahony, Uber
Duncan Gilchrist, Uber


Dynamic Pricing, Matching, and Inference in Uber's Marketplaces
MD G115

*please note different room location*

November 2 Haifeng Xu   Algorithmic Persuasion
November 9 Sven Seuken   Machine Learning-powered Iterative Combinatorial Auctions
November 13 Yannai Gonczarowski  

The Sample Complexity of Up-to--ε  Multi-Dimensional Revenue Maximization

11am-12pm talk in MD 119

*please note different time & room location*


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