The EconCS Group pursues research, both theoretical and experimental, at the intersection between computer science and economics.

The EconCS group at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences draws on methodologies from AI, multi-agent systems, computer science theory, microeconomic theory, optimization and distributed systems.

We are interested in electronic auctions, mechanisms and markets, peer production and social computing, and in the constructive use of economic methodologies within computational systems.

A central challenge is to resolve conflicts between game-theoretic and computational constraints.

Current Topics of Interest

  • incentive-based environment design
  • dynamic mechanisms
  • the design of mechanism infrastructures and currencies for distributed and peer-to-peer systems
  • preference elicitation
  • information aggregation
  • applications to e-commerce and social computing
  • cryptographically secure auctions
  • network formation games


  • Eric Mibuari and Mark York are finalists for the Facebook-funded Global Challenges in Economics and Computation research grant.
  • Congratulations to Hongyao Ma (advisor David Parkes), winner of the 2019 SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award, which recognizes an outstanding dissertation in the field of economics and computation, as well as to Rediet Abebe (advisor Jon Kleinberg, Cornell) and Eric Balkanski (advisor Yaron Singer) for honorable mentions.
  • Alon Eden got an honorable mention for EC 2019 Award for Best Presentation by a Student or Postdoctoral Researcher.
  • Haifeng Xu PhD dissertation received honorable mention for the ACM SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award, which is to recognize the outstanding dissertation in the field of economics and computation.
  • Max Kleiman-Weiner won the the Robert J. Glushko Dissertation/Ph.D. Thesis Prize in Cognitive Science.
  • Haifeng Xu was nominated as the runner-up of the IFAAMAS-18 Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award, recognizing the best thesis in multi-agent system research.