Seminar Schedule Spring 2022


Fri - Fri, Feb 18 to Jun 3, 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Spring 2022

The EconCS Group holds an Economics and Computer Science research seminar each semester.

Spring 2022 meetings are held at 1-2:30 PM on Fridays.  Seminar Coordinators for Spring '22 are Srivatsa R Sai and Daniel Halpern.



Manish Raghavan


The Challenge of Understanding What Users Want: Inconsistent Preferences and Engagement Optimization

March 11 

Ruta Mehta


Fair division of goods, bads, and mixedMunyque Mittelmann

April 22

Elaine Shi

  Foundations of Transaction Fee Mechanism Design
April 29 Ben Edelman (Harvard)  

The Multiplayer Colonel Blotto Game

May 13 Munyque Mittelmann  

Logic-based Automated Mechanism Design

June 3  Calvin Li  

Uber's Driver-Side Surge Pricing: Background, Motivation, and Execution

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