Seminar Schedule Fall 2016


The EconCS Group holds an Economics and Computer Science research seminar each semester.

Fall 2016 meetings are held at 1:45 to 3:30pm Fridays in Maxwell Dworkin 123.
Seminar Coordinator for Spring'16 is Eric Balkanski,

September 9

Steven Wu

Bayesian Exploration: Incentivizing Exploration in Bayesian Games

September 16

Adam Altmejd

Predicting Replication with Machine Learning

October 7

Nir Rosenfeld

Discriminative Learning of Infection Models

October 21

Rafael Frongillo (1st)

Omer Lev (2nd)

Geometry in elicitation:  a tragic comedy in two acts (1st)

Peer Selection:  Crowdsourcing the choice of the best group amongst us (2nd)

October 28

Brendan Lucier

Prices, Auctions, and Combinatorial Prophet Inequalities

November 4Vahab Mirrokni

Robust Allocation and Online Bundling in Online Advertising

November 11

Bo Cowgill

Productivity and Automation of
Subjective Judgements:  Evidence from Resume Screening

November 18

Matt Tady

Deep Counterfactual Prediction using Instrumental Variables

December 9Fei Fang Game-Theoretic Approaches for Real-World Security and Sustainability Challenges


Contact Information

Yiling Chen
Maxwell Dworkin 233
(617) 495-3298

David C. Parkes
Maxwell Dworkin 229
(617) 384-8130

Ariel Procaccia

Yaron Singer
Maxwell Dworkin 239
(617) 496-9271

Milind Tambe
Maxwell Dworkin 125
(617) 998-2423